Search the Big Tree Database

Select either the Genus (if you aren't looking for a particular species or just want to see all of them), Genus and Species or by Common Name. If you want to reset the search box, click "Search" and then Click to "Search Again"

Not every tree is in every county. It is better to search a couple of options then look at the results, then narrow the search based on the first set of results. The database contains over 600 individual trees.

Search Results

  • The search results will replace the search box in the area below. The search results is wider than the frame holding them. You can use the scrollbar on the search results box to view the columns to the right. 
  • The initial page will show the first 25 results; if you want to view more, use the dropdown menu at the bottom of the search results page. 
  • To sort the results, click on the white lettering on the top row.
  • Your search results can be downloaded as an excel spreadsheet. Click on the blue wording on the top area of the results page. You can also download the spreadsheet here.

If you have any questions or improvements, send an email to Sheila Bourgoin.