Michigan Botanical Foundation

The Michigan Botanical Foundation was created to enable individuals, groups, companies to make donations and arrange bequests in support of botanical activities in Michigan.   The Michigan Botanical Foundation is fully accepted by the I.R.S. as a 501(c)(3) tax exempt foundation.  Donors can claim a full tax deduction for any contribution.

The purpose of the Michigan Botanical Foundation is to provide support for Michigan botanical research, educational publications and related activities that enhance the knowledge and preservation of Michigan's flora.

There are two categories within the Michigan Botanical Foundation to which donations may be applied- the general fund and the Isobel Dickinson fund. 

General fund grant guidelines (click here)

The latter was established to support the publication of scientific research by students.  For more information on the Isobel Dickinson Fund, click here.  Unless otherwise designated, all donation to the MBF will be placed in the general fund.

Board of Trustees

MBF Trustees are elected to two year terms and then elected to officer positions on a yearly basis.  The MBF Trustees, their current elected positions, and terms of service are as follows:

Judy Kelly, President, 2016-2018

Michael Huft, Vice-President, 2017-2019

Bev Walters, Secretary, 2017-2019

Robert Kelly, Treasurer, 2016-2018

Emily Nietering, Trustee, 2017-2019

Dr. David Warners, Trustee, 2016-2018

Correspondence and inquires should be directed to:

Judy Kelly, 8863 Lakewood Circle, Lake Ann, MI 49650

Contributions should be directed to:

Robert G. Kelly, 18863 Lakewood Circle, Lake Ann, MI 49650