Michigan Botanical Club - Great Lakes Chapter

The Great Lakes Chapter serves members throughout Michigan and the surrounding states in the Great Lakes basin. We also have members in Canada, and several States beyond the Great Lakes area. Members typically join GLC to subscribe to our peer-reviewed journal,  "The Great Lakes Botanist" a Journal of North American Botany, which is published twice a year.  Your membership also includes a subscription to the spring and summer newsletter, the "Arisaema".   Members are invited to attend the Spring Botanical Foray, which is  a weekend event of field trips, lectures, and workshops focused on the botanical features of the area. This year's Foray will be held over Memorial Day Weekend in St. Ignace, MI.  Details of the foray can be found on the Forays and Meetings page in April. 

How to Join GLC - Anyone interested in joining the Great Lakes Chapter may complete a GLC Membership Form.   You may also contact the Membership Coordinator, Irene Eiseman at eisemani@gmail.com

2018 MBC Spring Foray - Bellaire, MI, May 25-28  Mark your calendars!   

Eurybia macropohylla, Big-leaved Aster, photo by A. Reznicek

Eurybia macropohylla, Big-leaved Aster, photo by A. Reznicek

The White Pine Chapter will be hosting this year's Spring Foray during Memorial Day Weekend (May 25-28, 2018) in the beautiful Chain of Lakes region of Northwest Lower Michigan, centered in Antrim County. Shanty Creek Resorts will be serving as primary lodging and base of operations. Folks from the botany and conservation communities in that corner of northern Michigan appear excited about an MBC visit,  Details on Registration will be posted in the next issue of the Arisaema newsletter. Stay tuned. 

GLC Cyber Foray 

All Great Lakes Chapter members are invited to join our GLC Cyber Foray  event.   What is a cyber foray? It is all of the staples of a traditional foray -- it is making botanical discoveries, it is learning new plants, it is learning from experts, and sharing your knowledge with others. This all happens through a powerful social media network and biological databasing tool called iNaturalist.  Participants add plant observations and photos to a members-only GLC project page.  Members can assist with plant identification and comment on the postings.  At the end of the year we’ll tally the results and share some interesting findings.  We welcome you now to join in on the Great Lakes Chapter Cyber Foray 2017.  If you need help signing in,  please visit,  How to Join and How to Add Observations. If you want a full introduction click here.  You can also contact Derek Shiels at landtrust.org .  We hope enjoy this new way to learn and share your botanical findings.

Student Foray Awards !!!  

The Great Lake Chapter participates in the Joan Robb Student Foray Awards program that offers grants for students to attend the annual MBC Botanical Foray.  The 2017 Spring  Foray was held in St. Ignace, MI during Memorial Day weekend, May 27-29.  If you would like to apply for the 2017 Foray Award, complete an application form, click the Student Foray Application Form.  General information about the Awards Program can be found by clicking this link.  

Congratulations to Kailey Miller and Tom Charney,  who are recipients of the 2017 Student Foray Awards.  Both students are currently attending Michigan State University. 

Officers and Directors: Our Chapter is in the process of establishing a board of directors.  Please  welcome our new Vice-President, Derek Shields, who is a graduate of Central Michigan University and is a staff member of the Little Traverse Conservancy.  Derek and his family currently reside in Petoskey, MI.  A list of all the current officers and directors can be found here