Distinguished Service Award

Each year one or two members are presented with the annual Distinguished Service Award.  The presidents of the MBC chapters constitute the selection committee.    The current MBC Vice President is usually the chair of the committee.   Each chapter may make one or two nominations.  Nominees need not be a member of their chapter, but must be a member of the Michigan Botanical Club.  Nominations are confidential and are not to be revealed to the nominees or to others.

This prestigious award is usually presented to the recipient at the Annual Spring Foray.  The award may be a plaque, picture or figurine.


Year       Name(s)

1944      P. J. Hoffmaster

1947      Marjorie T. Bingham

1948      H. H. Bartlett, Ernst A. Bessey

1949      Ruth Mosher Place, Albert E. Stoll

1950      Shirley W. Allen, Charles F. Boehler

1953      Margaret Haigh, Grace Votey

1955      Robert M. Powell

1959      Paul Van Buskirk, Genevieve Gillette

1963      Jack Van Coevering, Clarence J. Messner

1964      Gwen Frostic

1965      William Hopkins

1970      Walter Nickell

1971      Charles Barclay, Laura Roberts

1972      Fred Case, Phil DeGraff

1973      Charles Buswell, Genevieve Gillette

1976      George & Thelma Thomson, Edward G. Voss

1978      Laura Roberts, Helen & Alexander Smith

1980      George W. Thomson, Paul Thompson

1981      Helen Smith

1984      Richard Pippen, James Wells

1987      Herbert Conant

1990      Anton Reznicek, Beatrice & Dorothy Sibley

1992      Isobel Dickinson, Erich Steiner

1993      Howard Crum, Donna Schumann

1994      Margaret Converse, Fred Nietering

1995      Judy Kelly, Kay Wittliff

1996      Elwood B. Ehrle

1997      Barbara J. Madsen

1998      James D. Doyle

1999      Kathleen A. Thomson

2000      Patrick F. Fields

2001      Bob & Betty Peebles

2002      Alta Lahner

2003      Emily Nietering, Dennis Woodland

2004      Joann Athey

2005      Caryle Spence

2006      Neil Harriman, Dan Skean

2007      Lynn Steil

2008      Bill Martinus

2009      Becky Csia

2010      David Steen

2011       Pamela Laureto, Irene Eiseman

2012      Larry and Sarah Nooden

2013      Roger Tharp

2014      Todd Barkman

2015       Richard Fowler and Robert Riepma