Programs of Interest to MBC Members

Kissing Cousins and Family Skeletons - The Michigan Flora and Modern Evolutionary”

This is a video made from a presentation delivered by Tony Reznicek, PhD to the Huron Valley Chapter of the Michigan Botanical Club. 

It is available through YouTube. If you click on the video and click on the full screen icon on the video player, it can be viewed in full screen.

If you are interested in a high resolution version for your MBC Chapter, contact Sheila at

This project is collaboration effort by Tony Reznicek, Sheila Bourgoin and Barbara Lucas.


The University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee Field Station Workshops May-October 2016

Nine workshops on a variety of topics such as Invasive Plant Management, Sedges, Vegetation of Wisconsin, Wetland Hydrology and Forest Communities are being offered at the field station.  For more information on Registration, Housing, and course details click here .