Michigan Botanical Club Special Memberships

Members of the Club who do not belong to a local Chapter automatically become members of the Special Memberships group.  Special Memberships receive a one year subscription (four issues) to the journal   "The Michigan Botanist- A Journal of Great Lakes Botany" and two issues of the "Arisaema" newsletter.     A membership renewal notice will be mailed to you in January requesting dues payment for the year.

~NEW ~ CHAPTER DESIGNATION BEING SOUGHT - Earlier this year a majority of members voted in favor of becomming a "Chapter" of the Michigan Botanical Club.  Since then, a Constitution was written and a slate of Officers nominated.  The Constituion and Officers are currently up for voter approval. Once the Consitiution is ratified, official affiliation with MBC as a new Chapter will be sought at the May 23-24 State Board Meeting. Stay tuned for further updates.

Anyone interested in joining the Michigan Botanical Club in the Special Memberships group may fill out and print the Special Memberships Subscription Form.   Your may also contact the Membership Coordinator, Irene Eiseman at eisemani@gmail.com 

Student Foray Awards !!!
The Special Memberships group has offered an opportunity for students to apply for the Joan Robb Student Foray Award which enables qualifying students to attend the annual MBC Spring Foray.  If you are a student and would like to complete an application form click the Student Foray Application Form.

General information about the Awards Program can be found by clicking this link.  

CONGRATULATIONS!  William Hartill, recipient of the 2015 Student Foray Award.  William is currently atttending Michigan State Univeristy studying Forestry and Ecological Restoration sciences.