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Fall and Winter Indoor Programs- 

Meet at the Visitor Center, Heritage Park, Farmington Hills, MI.  (Potluck at 1:00p.m. February meeting only.)  Programs at 2:00 p.m.


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Fall 2014 Meeting Dates

October 12    Insects in Your Backyard  presented by chapter member Joyce Drife.

A look at the many different types of insect life to be found in a ‘typical’ or not so typical suburban yard, with photos by both Don and Joyce Drife.

November 9    Searching for Rare Plants at Sterling State Park  presented by chapter member Milton French

In early 2013, help was requested from members of the Lakeplain cluster of the Stewardship Network to search for 4 rare plants that were known to have occurred in Sterling State Park, but that had not been seen in a number of years as well as to begin a complete plant list for the park.

Botanical Club member Milton French stepped up to both challenges, visiting the park repeatedly on foot and by kayak. He eventually succeeded in finding the rare plants and compiling a list of plants for the park. Milton will share his experiences of the survey.


December 7  Growing Winter Hardy Cacti in Michigan presented by David Hinch of Michigan Cactus and Succulent Society

David Hinch began collecting winter hardy cacti in 2007. His rock garden has approximately 25 valid species and close to another 15 varieties, cultivars and hybrids. He does not cover the plants over the winter, they are fully exposed to the elements. They are all North American cacti from Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Idaho and Arizona. His photo presentation is sure to be interesting and perhaps will inspire you the to try growing cacti outdoors.


Winter/Spring 2014 Programs

February 2

Enjoying Mosses
by Jim Toppin and Janet Traub
Mosses are part of almost every landscape, but
mostly go unnoticed. They thrive throughout the
year, so you can enjoy them any time you're
outdoors, even in a Michigan winter. We'll introduce
some common mosses and liverworts -- they're easy to find almost anywhere, once you know where to look and what to look for. We'll explore the realm of small habitats occupied by these fascinating, yet little-known plants.
Join us for our annual Gourmet (a fancy word for
potluck) Dinner at 1:00 pm. Bring a special dish to
share and your own table service.


March 2

Alaska - the Last Frontier
by Caryle Spence
Alaska has many natural wonders including
spectacular vistas and beautiful mountains,
forests, glaciers, waterfalls, and unique wild
animals and plants. Join us as Caryle presents
some wonderful photos and stories of her trip
to Alaska. Caryle was scheduled for last
October, but had to cancel, so we'll give it
another try.

April 6

The Michigan Flora Project: Past, Present
and Future
by Bev Walters
Information on the plants of Michigan is now
just a mouse-click away at the Michigan Flora
Online website. Learn how specimen data
gathered for the Michigan Flora Project at the
University of Michigan Herbarium formed the
backbone of this effort and how the citizen
scientist can contribute to documenting plant
occurrences in our state.



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