Southeastern Chapter of the MBC

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Summer 2015 field trip

Saturday August 15 9 AM - 12 PM. American Lotus in bloom at Sterling State Park

Trip Leader: Milton French

Park at the parking lot for the lotus pavilion with overflow parking across the park drive in the beach parking lot. See the American lotus in full bloom. Other plants may be in bloom also such as swamp mallow with its showy pink flowers. In addition we may see the state threatened broadleaf arrowhead. The walk will be easy and flat.

If you have a kayak, bring it along for a post-trip paddle. 


Fall and Winter Indoor Programs- 

Meet at the Visitor Center, Heritage Park, Farmington Hills, MI.  (Potluck at 1:00p.m. February meeting only.)  Programs at 2:00 p.m.

Fall 2015

October 4

"Bringing Conservation to Cities"

Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge Manager Dr. John Hartig will give a presentation on his new book titled Bringing Conservation to Cities: Lessons from Building the Detroit River International Wildlife Refuge.

November 1

"Illustrating Botanical Beauty: taking photographs of plants that illustrate their key identifying characteristics and their beauty."

Presented by Robert Smith, photographer and contributor to Michigan Flora on-line.

Bob’s program will focus on how to make photographs that are useful for plant identification, illustrated with photographs of native plants found locally.

On Saturday, Sept. 12   Bob is leading a field trip for the Huron Valley chapter on flora of the raisin river floodplain. Please Huron Valley chapter tap for more information.

December 6

"Aquatic Plants in Lake Ecosystems: Critical Roles and Major Stressors" 

Presented by Erick Elgin and Ashley Baldridge who have recently done graduate studies relating to aquatic plants.  Erick and Ashley will be sure to devote a few minutes of the presentation to the identification of submersed plants-a world of plants that we often don't think about in our botanical activities.


Past programs:

March 1 2015

The Nature Conservancy in Ohio’s Oak Openings Program: an overview of managing globally rare habitats in the Lakeplain oak openings region of NW Ohio and SE Michigan

Presented by Mike Losey  Restoration Crew Leader (Land Steward) for The Nature Conservancy’s Ohio Chapter. 

The Lakeplain Oak Openings is a unique region spanning seven counties in southeast Michigan and northwest Ohio. With over 150 state or federally listed species, it is well recognized as a biodiversity hotspot within the Lake Erie watershed.   However, despite its noted importance the natural habitat is highly fragmented and stressed by incompatible land use.  These modifications have reduced the health of the Oak Openings and threaten the native flora and fauna as well as compromise the ecosystem services the region provides.  Attendees will learn about the results of restoration treatments in these globally rare habitats, monitoring for several taxonomic groups and education/outreach elements implemented by The Nature Conservancy’s Oak Openings Program as well as supporting projects and strategies including the Interagency Restoration Team, Green Ribbon Initiative, the Oak Openings Landowner Registry and some of our exciting big ideas for the future of this region.

April 12 

Singing Insects of Michigan

Presented by Susanne Greenlee of Oakland County Parks planning department.

Not all the sounds of nature come from birds and frogs, as the singing insects are one of the most dominant sounds of our summer days and nights. The noisiest insect callers-- the crickets, katydids and cicadas, are introduced. The talk ends with audio recordings and accompanying slides to identify our most common insect singers.

2015 Southeastern Chapter Officers

PresidentEmily Nietering 313-278-9269

Vice President - Dorothy Holden 248-486-3538

SecretaryRuth Hart 313-849-2844

Treasurer - Richard Fowler 248-828-2952

Director at Large - Ruth Hart - 313-849-2844

Director at Large - Alice Ward248-673-1183

Director at Large - Richard Fowler 810-828-2952